• Handel’s La Resurrezione

    La Resurrezione, composed by Handel in his mid-twenties, and first performed on Easter Sunday in 1708, marked the climax of Handel’s time in Rome. The premiere featured none other than Handel directing from the harpsichord and Corelli leading the orchestra from the violin! This oratorio details the events between and during Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In La Resurrezione, we can already see Handel’s mastery of musical technique in the arias and ensembles as he gives dramatic colour to the different characters in the story. Lucy Crowe (Angel), Sophie Bevan (Mary Magdalene), Iestyn Davies (Mary Cleophas), Hugo Hymas (John the Evangelist), Ashley Riches (Lucifer) The English Concert, Harry Bicket
  • Handel’s Rodelinda

    In Handel’s Rodelinda, the characters know only too well that in the corridors of power, complete candour is unwise.
    In the face of dishonour and the loss of her loved ones, Rodelinda’s dignified resistance and exemplary spirit ultimately elevate her amongst her rivals.
    In this recording The English Concert together with an all-star cast, directed by Harry Bicket, bring to life Handel’s music as it underpins the intricate twists and turns of his characters and their complex relationships.
    Rodelinda - Lucy Crowe Bertarido - Iestyn Davies Grimoaldo - Joshua Ellicott Unulfo - Tim Mead Garibaldo - Brandon Cedel Eduige - Jess Dandy


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