BBC Proms – Handel’s Solomon

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‘Thy harmony’s divine, great king
All, all obey the artist’s string.
And now, illustrious prince, receive
Such tribute as my realm can give.’

A musician as monarch: what could be more perfect?

Handel’s Solomon (1749) is a celebration of a nation (and a genius) at the height of its confidence, and with its libretto by Moses Mendes, this lavish oratorio is the gloriously tuneful product of a diverse and fast-changing society.

Iestyn Davies – arguably Britain’s finest living counter-tenor – lavishes all his eloquence and dramatic power on the title-role, as the period instruments of The English Concert, and the BBC Singers under their Chief Conductor Sofi Jeannin, bring Handel’s vision to majestic life.

 There will be one interval


Featured Artists

The English Concert
BBC Singers
Sofi Jeannin
Iestn Davies
Ashley Riches A Levite
Benjamin Hulett


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