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As we begin the slow road to recovery from this debilitating pandemic, we hope you may consider supporting our work.

The situation as it stands is still very challenging for the arts community; our players are freelance artists and when performances are cancelled, we cannot pay them. The English Concert is wholly reliant on income from ticket sales, fees from venues, donations from trusts and foundations and private individuals.

If you are able to support our exceptional musicians, you can either

  1. Donate to our musicians’ fund.
  2. Pre-purchase a copy of our recording of Rodelinda. Whilst our annual Handel tour had to be cancelled, we managed to salvage the recording and recorded the work in September 2020. We expect to release this magnificent work in the Spring of 2021.

Whilst, it is clear the full repercussions of the Coronavirus for our community are yet to be fully known, I am certain that the human spirit will prevail. I take heart in the demonstrations of humanity during the worst of lockdown, with people singing, making music from their balconies and celebrating those things that make us human.

Music-making is one of the most powerful means of bringing people together and when the dust fully settles, The English Concert will be with you, celebrating together the music we believe in. For now, please do consider giving us your support – we need it now more than ever.

With very best wishes from everyone at The English Concert

Alfonso Leal del Ojo
Chief Executive and Principal Viola