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Our success is not only driven by our world-class musicians, directors and soloists, or by visits to the great concert halls across the globe, but by our committed family of supporters. Attending concerts, anticipating new recordings, offering their expertise and becoming personally involved in the life of the orchestra, our Friends, Patrons and Core40 members are of huge importance to us.

Explore the pages below to find out how you can get behind this worthy cause.

Patronage Schemes

While The English Concert has delighted audiences around the world for over 40 years, with no public funding, the survival of the orchestra is dependent upon the generous donations of its supporters. We would invite all those that follow the orchestra to join our dedicated family of donors who maintain the orchestra through a variety of established and tailored levels of support.

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Current Supporters

The English Concert is deeply grateful for the continued support of Sponsors, Charitable Trusts, Patrons and Friends on both sides of the Atlantic. Without the generosity of this devoted family of supporters, who donate through various membersip schemes and seasonal funding initiatives such as the Big Give Christmas challenge, the future of the orchestra would be fraught with uncertainty.

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The English Concert in America

The English Concert in America was created to strengthen ties between The English Concert and the United States. By supporting the orchestra’s activities, TECA is committed to fostering further appreciation of early musical performance while making their music, and that of their director Harry Bicket, more accessible to American audiences.

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