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Last Updated : April 11th, 12:35pm

Schwerin29th MarchCancelledThis concert has now been cancelled. We are working with promoter to find a suitable alternative date. We’ll be in touch those of you involved to coordinate. (Update 13th March)
John Passion – Arnstadt4th AprilCancelledThe whole festival has been cancelled. Ours was the opening concert. We are working with the other two venues and considering various plans to facilitate these two other performances. Rehearsal period remains unchanged.
John Passion – Wigmore5th AprilCancelledWigmore Hall will be closed between the 17th of March and the 14th of April inclusive. The Live Broadcast is not likely to proceed. If possible the performance and/or broadcast will be re-scheduled. (updated 16th March)
John Passion – Bristol6th AprilCancelledSt George’s Bristol is now closed until the 20th of April. (updated 17th of March)
Rodelinda – Pamplona18th AprilCancelledPamplona has cancelled or postponed performances for the next two weeks until the 30th of March.
Rodelinda – Vienna20th AprilCancelledUpdated 18th March.
Rodelinda – Hamburg23rd AprilCancelledThis performance has now been cancelled following local authority bans on all public performances until the 30th of April. (Updated 12th March)
Rodelinda -London25th AprilCancelledThe Barbican will be closed until the 1st of May and possibly beyond. We will try and re-schedule but given the demands on the venue, finding a suitable date could prove difficult. (Updated 17th March)
Recording26-April – 1st MayGoing AheadRecording will happen one way or another. It may need to be re-scheduled due to travel restrictions but it will happen at some point, if possible in June but we’ll be in touch if this is realistic once the situation has become clearer.
Rodelinda NYC3rd MayCancelledCarnegie Hall has cancelled all performances until the 10th of May. Sadly the overall US portion of the tour is looking less and less likely to go ahead but I’ll update things here. (Updated 16th of March)
Rodelinda Princeton5th MayCancelledMcCarter theatre has officially cancelled all events until the end of May and may extend the closure into June (update 17th March)
Rodelinda LA8th May CancelledLA Opera has had to cancel… the local authority have forced them to close all venues until the 15th of May. (Updated 11th April)
San Diego9th MayCancelled
Garsington Mitridate18th May – 2nd JulyCancelledUnfortunately, the current crisis has extended into the summer. Garsington would have had to conduct most of its rehearsals and preparations in the coming months and the impact the upcoming restrictions will place on the schedule make the summer festival impossible. They will offer musicians a modest contribution and, if possible stage concert performances later on in the summer.
Wigmore Hall Mozart’s 40th1-3 JuneCancelledWigmore Hall has cancelled all performances for the remainder of the season.