Palace of the rising sun

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It is somewhat fitting that some of the first music to appear from Haydn’s new surroundings at the Esterházy palace would begin in the morning ‘Le Matin’ with a glorious sunrise. Only his 6th symphonic creation, this was just the beginning of a parenthood that would see him become the true father of the symphony, bringing forth 104 symphonies in total. As if being father to the symphony and the string quartet weren’t enough for ‘Papa’ Haydn, his vocal works are full of glorious treasures, brought to life here by soprano Sarah Traubel.

Earl of Kelly  Overture Op1. No. 2
Haydn   ‘D’una sposo meschinella’
Haydn   ‘Se pietade avete oh numi’
Haydn   ‘Dica pure chi vuol dire’
Haydn   Symphony No. 6 ‘Le Matin’
Mozart Symphony No.44 KV 81
Mozart ‘Nehmt meinen Dank, ihr holden Gönner’ KV383
Mozart ‘Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio’ KV418
Haydn   Symphony No. 8 ‘Le Soir’

Featured Artists

The English Concert
Peter Whelan director
Sarah Traubel soprano

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