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A child prodigy and social rebel, supported by royal patronage and publisher of their own music, not even the great Telemann and Handel could boast such things. Despite the astonishment that accompanied her music, Jacquet de la Guerre stood as Lully’s virtual operatic successor after is death.

Our intimate return to the BBC Proms carries a decidedly French flavour, not just in music by the underappreciated prodigy Jacquet de la Guerre, but in the established masters too. Both Telemann and Handel spent a great deal of their careers synthesising aspects of pan European style in what others would term Les Goûts Réunis, while Purcell benefitted from the returning Charles II’s fervour to emulate the 24 Violons du Roi after his exile at the French court.

Purcell The Virtuous Wife, Z. 661 – Overture
Purcell Fairy Queen, Z. 629 – Hornpipe
Purcell The Virtuous Wife – Second music, First Act Tune
Purcell The Indian Queen – Rondeau
Purcell Chacony
Louis Marchand Allemande in D minor from Pieces de Clavecin
Jacquet de la Guerre Sonata for Violin & Continuo in D minor
Telemann Sonata in A minor
Handel Trio Sonata in G major, Op. 5 No. 4

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The English Concert
Kristian Bezuidenhout director/harpsichord

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