Silvia Schweinberger is a member of the Violins

When, where and what did you play the first time with the English Concert?
1999, ….. I think!
I don’t remember exactly what the first project was, I do remember lots of Matthew Passions in 2000, though. I also remember Trevor Pinnock‘s last concert at the Southbank Centre, I had to book a different flight from the originally intended one, because I appeared too pregnant for one Airline, however not too pregnant for another one..

What has been your most memorable TEC concert and why?
I remember traveling to a recording project, we were supposed to record Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik… For me, living in Salzburg, I dreaded it, as you hear this piece before breakfast and after dinner everywhere…. , but it turned out to be be a fantastic project and I loved and enjoyed it tremendously!
Oh, and, of course, going to Abu Dhabi and playing in a Harem!!! And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Louise Hogan and I got to talk to one of the Sheiks daughters, who then took us horse riding in the desert!

What’s one of your favourite pieces of music and why?
There is absolutely no way I could answer this question. I have many many favourite pieces and it changes constantly.

Do you have a secret interest or hobby that would surprise people?
I am also a trained masseuse and nutritionist in Chinese Medicine. I love running and Yoga, none of these are secret, though….