Crazy Composers

Explorers, journalists, and forensic investigators. These are just some of the roles school children take on when our flagship education project Crazy Composers comes to town.

Setting off on an exciting journey, they explore the lives and music of composers such as Handel, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Purcell. What were these rock stars of the past really like, and what made them so great? Undoubtedly something eccentric, and often something just a little crazy lay behind their genius.

Buxton Festival 2016

Imagine as a 10 year old walking into an opera house and performing with a full orchestra and a choir…well, children from Buxton, Walsall and Stockport did exactly that during the most recent project as part of our Buxton Festival residency. Composing their own songs based on Handel and Mozart, with the help of expert composer Julie Cooper, the children came together for a final extravaganza in front of friends and family.

Our team

Bringing to life the stories and music of these great composers and demonstrating why they were brilliant is Robert Howes, our principal timpanist for more than 20 years. This has always been his passion, which is why he created this live education programme in collaboration with The English Concert and The Children's Company.

Moving forward

As the project goes from strength to strength, we have also introduced a new leadership programme. As part of our legacy, training teachers and workshop facilitators to become our new Kapellmeisters, we are able to reach an even greater number of children and to maintain our presence between performances. In some cases, schools have adopted our teaching methods to teach the national curriculum; a true test of the project’s success.