Orchestra Update


This week is Emmanuel Laporte’s first time with us. Emmanuel comes highly recommended and I very much hope you enjoy playing with him over the next few days. I have met him socially a couple of times. He is very nice; do please make him feel welcome (not that you wouldn’t!).

Video Broadcasts

I can confirm that the broadcast of Handel’s Rodelinda from Carnegie Hall will go ahead. I will share links and details as they become available.
We also have an opportunity to video broadcast Bach’s John Passion from Wigmore on the 5th of April. We would need to find funds to make this work but I will keep you posted.


The detailed schedule will be firmed up pretty soon but it is clear that the 6th of August will only need continuo (recits) for one session (organ will be needed for 3 sessions to assist in the chorus sessions).

EIF 2021
Also a reminder about the Edinburgh Festival hold (quite likely in 2021). Do please hold 1-12 August 2021 in addition to the Amadigi Garsington dates.

The dates for Garsington in 2023 will be added to the calendar. We will be performing Mozart’s Clemenza di Tito. For those of you that plan really ahead the dates are:

June 2023
12 Rehearsals
13 Rehearsals
15 Dress Rehearsal
17 Performance 1
22 Performance 2
24 Performance 3
July 2023
3 Performance 4
14 Performance 5
16 Performance 6
18 Performance 7
21 Performance 8


Barbican – Sound Unbound 2021.
The Barbican runs a festival every two years with performances across the City of London. If you have any programme ideas, let me know! It would need to be something different from our usual fare so either weird composers and/or instruments are particularly encouraged! The whole thing is about unexpected sounds in unexpected places. It also can’t be large scale… Have a look at their 2019 edition to get a sense of what the festival is about but I’m keen to hear your ideas! Sound Unbound 2019

Silvia Schweinberger

Silvia Schweinberger is planning to spend 5 months this spring until the end of August in the Brighton/Lewes area with her youngest daughter Nora. They have a school place there and are currently looking for somewhere to stay from end of March until the end of August. Do keep your ears open if you know of potential options for her.

Sarah’s Birthday

Sarah loved your videos. Thanks for sending them through! Here she is sporting her birthday rosette.

Past updates

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